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Posted: April-16-18 
08:58 CST by Pastor Roger
The title is somewhat concerning...maybe a bit confusing. After all, who in their right mind would believe that those who are insulted or those who are verbally harassed can be happy?
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Posted: April-10-18 
08:17 CST by Pastor Jeremy
Do we every notice the people around us?
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Posted: April-02-18 
14:28 CST by Pastor Roger
Why did Jesus have to die? Many have pondered the reason and necessity behind the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. After all, if God is all-powerful, could He not have prevented sin from being committed in the first place? Could He not have prevented the fall? Why would God allow evil in the world if it would ultimately lead to the death of His Son at Calvary?
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Posted: March-26-18 
16:18 CST by Pastor Jeremy
Do we really need to celebrate it?
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Posted: March-19-18 
13:58 CST by Pastor Roger
Have you ever bumped into someone or were about to when you heard them say, "Watch where you're going?" How often do we find ourselves in such a hurry that we were either involved in an accident or were the cause of it? Or what about the decisions that we make? It is much better to sit down and plan properly than to respond with a knee-jerk reaction. The key is becoming intentional. Thinking intentionally. Responding intentionally. Walking intentionally.
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Posted: March-06-18 
08:30 CST by Pastor Roger
Every Christian has a longing for God. If not, are they truly a Christian? The problem is not that we lack the desire to serve God and follow Him; the problem is that we also desire to serve our flesh.
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Posted: February-27-18 
08:38 CST by Pastor Jeremy
What makes a movie good to watch and what makes one wrong?
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Posted: February-20-18 
08:38 CST by Pastor Roger
We enjoy being applauded for our performance and complimented for our accomplishment, but the person who seeks the applause of man will never be truly satisfied. It is only when we seek the applause of heaven, living to serve an audience of One, that we discover true satisfaction.
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Posted: February-12-18 
19:56 CST by Pastor Jeremy
Emotion or Choice
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Posted: February-05-18 
13:44 CST by Pastor Roger
You could almost hear a pin drop as fans across America were holding their breath during the final seconds of Super Bowl LII. Many Patriots fans may have declared today, Monday, as a day of mourning. Tom Brady summed it up this way in a post-game interview, "You try to win, sometimes you lose, that's the way it goes." Of course, the kind of mourning that brings comfort has nothing to do with football. It was Jesus who said, "Blessed are they that mourn: for they shall be comforted" (Matthew 5:4)
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Posted: January-29-18 
17:53 CST by Pastor Jeremy
Have you ever asked yourself why you come on Sunday?
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Posted: January-22-18 
06:48 CST by Pastor Roger
At the end of a long day, most of us will look back and review the events of the day. Maybe we feel a great sense of accomplishment or perhaps disappointment. If only there was a way to ensure each day was fulfilling and rewarding...
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Posted: January-16-18 
20:59 CST by Pastor Jeremy
Are devotions worth it or can you just skip?
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Posted: January-08-18 
15:28 CST by Pastor Roger
The bags are packed. The car is loaded. The gas tank is full. Everything is ready for the road trip. Just as many of us hit the open road for a Christmas getaway, there is a feeling of excitement when the family is all buckled up and as your car pulls out the driveway, now you're off!
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Posted: December-19-17 
16:46 CST by Pastor Jeremy
So This is Christmas and what have you done......
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Posted: December-11-17 
15:08 CST by Pastor Roger
As we approach the end of another year, the question that many people are asking is, "Where did the time go?" This is a brief challenge to prepare your heart for a productive New Year.
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Posted: December-04-17 
23:20 CST by Pastor Jeremy
Christmas may be the most wonderful time of year...but not for everyone! It is not a jolly season for all. There are plenty of reasons for us to consider.
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Posted: November-27-17 
08:47 CST by Roger Williams
There are plenty of reasons why people either attend or are absent from church. This week, we are asking for your response to help us in better understanding today's culture of church attendance. Your participation in this conversation is greatly appreciated!
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Posted: November-20-17 
16:53 CST by Pastor Jeremy
Should you let your kid on the Field?
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Posted: November-15-17 
14:06 CST by Roger Williams
Why do God's people continue to struggle with obstacles and addictions? Why do we find ourselves dealing with the same problems over and over again? It is when we understand the value and benefit of repentance that we will find victory.
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Posted: November-13-17 
14:31 CST by Roger Williams
Starting up a brand new blog and we need your ideas. Please add your comments and suggestions. If you wish to remain anonymous, please indicate that in your response. It is our prayer that this new blog will be a blessing to all of our readers. Thank you!
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