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Christian growth doesn't happen by accident; it is intentional!  We are excited to launch our brand new Sunday night series this fall. 

Each course is designed to help you, not only in increasing your knowledge of God's Word, but its application. 

Each course is typically five weeks in duration and we encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity to be "intentional" about your Christian growth!

This is a classroom type format.  Notes, projects, and homework assignments will be a steady part of each course.  Each class will begin at 5:30 and conclude promptly at 6:30 PM.  Registration for each course will be open soon!



LIFE'S TOUGH QUESTIONS:  August 5 - September 2, 2018
This course is apologetical in nature and will answer tough questions that skeptics often have about life and eternity.  Some questions include How do we know God is real?  Why do bad things happen to good people?  How could a loving God send anyone to Hell?  
BUILDING HEALTHY RELATIONSHIPS: September 16 - October 14, 2018
Whether it is a married couple, friends, or co-workers, relationships can be difficult at times and having biblical insights to building healthy relationships will keep your relationship healthy and strong.  We will examine conflict resolution, essentials for starting a difficult conversation, defining true forgiveness, and much more. 

CARDINAL DOCTRINES: November 4 - December 16, 2018
There are plenty of doctrines by which Christians disagree and debate, but the purpose of this course is to identify the cardinal doctrines of the faith that Christians cannot be in disagreement. 

HEALTHY LIVING: January 6 - February 3, 2019
We have all attempted diets and made resolutions to live healthier and this class will explore what the Bible says about food and healthy living and equip each student with the necessary tools to make their New Year much healthier. 

THE PURSUIT OF GOD: February 24 - March 24, 2019

The more we know about God the greater we can love Him and serve Him.  The purpose of this course is to identify God's attributes and understand the biblical names of God that brings more glory to Him and enhances our worship experience. 

If we are to grow spiritually strong, it is necessary to understand how spiritual growth takes place. This class will identify the seven stages of spiritual growth.  (No class on Easter Sunday, April 21)





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