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Should My Kids Play Sports 

     Before I get started into this topic, it is important to define what “sports” are. My understanding of “sports” is when two opposing sides come together in competition for the purpose of one to be the victor. This can be soccer or chess, robotics team or football. Now before you stop reading this article because you don’t have kids or because your kids are too young or too old, don’t do it. This topic affects everyone that lives here in the USA. Now to answer the question “should my kids play sports”, my answer is “I don’t know!" I don’t know who is reading this and most definitely don’t know which kids you are thinking about. The point of this article is to have you rethink if sports are right for your kids, and how God views sports. 
      You might not know this but God does care about sports and it may or may not be what you think. From what I know about the bible, sports are neither good nor bad (unless murdering someone in the Colosseum counts as a sport). Paul instructs us in 1 Corinthians 10:31 “Whether therefore ye eat, or drink, or whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God.” This means that in any circumstance we must have an attitude and an action that is honoring to God. But the question is, “is that what you are teaching your kids”?
      When your kids are on the court or in front of the chess board, do they know that their thoughts, actions and deeds need to honor God? I can tell you 100% that these public school coaches are not teaching them this. If they are not learning from you what God tells them about sports then their only other option is to listen to the coaches. I don’t know you personally, but I know that when my daughter, Becka is older, I don’t want her to understand life from the perspective of someone who is unsaved. Proverbs 22:6 commands us to raise up a child correctly in God’s word and when he or she grows up then he won’t depart from it.
      Now you might be thinking that “I know this” but the next thought should be “what does this look like?" You need to be intentional with your children even from the first day they are born. Don’t just go wandering through life hoping that someone else will teach them the important things. That is your Job and you NEED to do this.  Sit them down before the games, (not just the big games, all of them matter) and tell them why this game is important, because they are a child of God.
       To them they are taught that if they make a basket, kick a goal, win the game that this makes them a good player, a good person. It doesn’t matter if it is a smart shot or not, as long as the ball goes in then it was the best option. My dad never put any emphasis on how many points I made or how fast I ran. He wanted to know... did I pass the ball? did I get angry? what did I learn? did I try my best? Winning the game was never the goal in my house but instead helping me understand my role as a child of God and how I can grow to know my Savior better. As parents, we need to help them know Christ better; if we don’t and allow them to remain in sin, then we are in sin as well. Christ, in Matthew 18:6, makes a major deal about adults leading children into sin. 
      What are you teaching your kids? How important is winning to them and to you? Have you done your job as a parent? Even if the answers you have to the question are not what you want them to be, guess what, you still have time?  God still has you on this earth so take the opportunity to be intentional with your children no matter if they are 5 or 25. They look to you first to figure things out in life, don’t just shuffle the responsibility to another adult. 
      Should we let our kids play sports? 
           Only if they are doing it to Glorify God!

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