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We can all look around and see that Christmas is now in full swing. Music is jingling and telling us all the fun things that happen this time of year. Yet, if we look closely we see that not everyone and everything is jolly. One of the biggest complaints that I hear is "Money". We spend money on gas for long extended trips. We spend money on decorations and Christmas tree. Bills seem bigger than they have all year and yet we are still required to give presents to others whether we like it or not?
What is the point of giving gifts? If I spend $20 on Bobby and Bobby spends $20 on me, shouldn’t we just keep the 20 and spend it on what we think we need for our lives? This would make our lives so much easier during the craziest time of the year.
The most simple and honest answer that I can think of is love. We give to others to show them how much they mean to us. This does not mean that if we spend more money on someone then we love them more. The thought and the time behind the gift shows love to them. My youngest brother gave my mom a bag of rocks for Christmas and birthdays every year when he was a kid because he didn’t have the money to spend. The gift wasn’t the greatest but is most likely the most remembered one she ever got from him.
We spend the money and we go through this crazy time of the year to show others love that we have for them. Our greatest role model of this is Christ. 1 John tells us that we can truly love others because He chose to love us. This is the model to instruct us as to why we love this season.
My question to you is if you have kids, should you spend the same amount of money on each child or spend differently based on what you deem is fair? Do you feel more loved if someone buys us a “bigger” gift? What gift meant the most to you when you were a kid and why?
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