new horizons baptist church
The bags are packed.  The car is loaded.  The gas tank is full.  Everything is ready for the road trip.  Just as many of us hit the open road for a Christmas getaway, there is a feeling of excitement when the family is all buckled up and as your car pulls out the driveway, now you're off!  I don't know about you, but long road trips are not enjoyable for me.  I can remember how frustrated I would become when there was traffic on the highway or when the kids were misbehaving in the back seat.  I was determined to accomplish two things: #1 Fewer stops than the trip before; #2 get to my destination faster than what my GPS was estimating. 

As I have grown a little older and hopefully more mature, I don't share that same attitude of my younger self.  Now, the journey is just as much a part of my vacation as the destination itself.  I enjoy so much more the road trip, and yes, even if someone cries out, "I have to go to the bathroom," right after we just got back on the highway, I don't mind stopping.  I have learned to enjoy the journey.  The destination seems to be sweeter when the journey to get there has been enjoyed along the way.

As we begin a brand new year, I hope that you not count down the days until your summer vacation or next big adventure, but that you will enjoy every day leading up to that event.  Every day is precious and when you learn to enjoy this journey that we call life, there are more moments of joy and bliss and happiness and fulfillment.  There may be moments of every day that are exciting, but also moments that are discouraging.  Stay the course!  Keep the faith!  Get ready to enjoy the bountiful blessings of God that may sometimes come in the smallest form.  When you are enjoying the journey, those "little blessings" will not be overlooked.  God is good!
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