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How important is it to get the year started off right.
     On the Christian scale how important are devotions? I mean really have you ever thought about why we sit down and read God’s word? How often should we do it? Is there a right way to read God’s word or not? Is it a sin to not do devotions? At what age should our kids do devotions?
I don’t have an answer to every one of these questions for you.  We, as Christians, need to answer these for ourselves. Some of these do have right answers and we have heard them a million times. No one would say that devotions are bad and that there is no use to them but we don’t make them a priority. Many of us, if we look at our lives, this is how we live. We say they are important to us and our families but we don’t actually do them. So are they really?
     This blog is designed to cause you to look at your life and your families and question your routine. How much time do you give God throughout the week? 5 minutes? 2 hours? None? Just Sunday? Then we have to ask the question was it good quality time with Christ? We, as believers, should have a desire to be in His word and learn more about the truth that our Savior gives us.
     This life is not a game. Are you taking it seriously or are you living haphazardly? Are you encouraging your kids from an early age that it is vital part of their walk to be in God’s word, searching for truth. This is a New Year! Start it off right and be in His word daily. Spending quality time learn more and more about your Lord and Savior.
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