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Taking Intentional Steps
I recently saw a news story about a man that fell into an open manhole because he was more focused on his phone than he was on his steps.  Have you ever bumped into someone or were about to when you heard them say, "Watch where you're going?"  How often do we find ourselves in such a hurry that we were either involved in an accident or were the cause of it?  Or what about the decisions that we make?  It is much better to sit down and plan properly than to respond with a knee-jerk reaction.  The key is becoming intentional.  Thinking intentionally.  Responding intentionally.  Walking intentionally.

We get so caught up in the tyranny of the urgent, that we end up doing the things that have to get done and neglecting the things that need to get done.  We let "time-stealers" and "time-wasters" invade our daily lives that cause us to wonder at the end of the day or the end of the week, "what did I accomplish today?"  "Did I fulfill the things that I set out to do?"  In the way we look at money, "it is better to tell you money where to go than to wonder where it went," the same could be said about time: "it is better to tell your time where to go than to wonder where it went."

Without a doubt, we need to consider the value of our time and discern how to maximize the 24 hours of daily life that each of us are allotted.  Notice carefully what Paul said in Ephesians 5:15-16, "See then that you walk circumspectly, not as fools, but as wise, Redeeming the time, because the days are evil." 

From this passage, there are four ways that we can redeem our time.

1.  Redeem the time by walking carefully (walk circumspectly).  That word means to walk accurately, diligently, carefully.  In other words, watch your step!  Be very intentional and deliberate where you step. 

2.  Redeem the time by living purposefully (not as fools).  Fools live carelessly, not paying attention to their walk.  They live in the moment, make decisions based on their emotions, not counting the cost. 

3.  Redeem the time by using opportunities (redeeming the time).  When opportunities avail themselves, don't let them go unused.  Especially when these opportunities will benefit you. 

4.  Redeem the time by shunning evil (the days are evil).  If there is ever a reason to be intentional about our walk, it is because we will be surrounded by temptation and the very evil that draws men away from Christ.

I challenge you to consider the impact of your time!  Just as you take your money seriously and are cautious about where you spend it, time is no exception!  As you give the Lord the first part of your income, give the Lord the first part of your time.  Redeem the time because the days are evil!

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