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Why Did Jesus Have To Die?
Why did Jesus have to die? Many have pondered the reason behind the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.  After all, if God is all-powerful, could He not have prevented Adam from committing sin in the Garden?  If God is all-knowing and if God had the foreknowledge of the events that would transpire between the serpent and Eve, could He not have prevented the fall?  Why would God allow evil in the world if it would ultimately lead to the death of His Son at Calvary? 

Some suggest free will as the reason for which God did not intervene and that would be a good argument.  When a person chooses to love God or obey God, that is far better than having no other choice but to love and obey God.  Can a person truly say that they love God if there are no alternatives to love something else or someone else more than God?  Would it be considered authentic if our love was merely robotic?  As if, that was the only program in which we were designed?  Free will is a great gift from God, but a greater reason why God did not prevent evil from coming in to the world, was because of one attribute: His glory.  Everything God does is for His glory! 

While the fall was a great evil, it brought about greater good that brings more glory to God.  James Anderson writes, "A world with no fall and no salvation is altogether less God-glorifying than a world with a tragic fall but also a wondrous salvation."  How wonderful it was for man to worship God as one who was created in His much more wonderful it is that we worship God as a redeemed sinner restored in His Son's image. 

The reason Christ died brings us back to the Garden of Eden.  From the very beginning, the punishment for sin was death (Romans 6:23; 3:23; 5:12).  Because He is a holy God, He cannot overlook sin.  Yet, in spite of His holiness, He did not leave them hopeless, and in His mercy and grace promised to send a Saviour (Genesis 3:15) to defeat the serpent who had deceived them.  Until then, a sacrifice of a lamb without blemish and spot must be given (Hebrews 9:22) as a symbol of their repentance from sin and their faith in God.  These sacrifices were only temporary and did not removed their sin (Hebrews 10:10-14.

It wasn't until the Lamb of God, Jesus Christ, died that His blood was sufficient, once and for all.  What did He accomplish for us at Calvary?  2 Corinthians 5:21 reveals the powerful truth.  Simply put, we have life because of His death and we have hope because of His resurrection!

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