new horizons baptist church
     There are people in our lives every day. We see them in the car next to us on our way to work. People cut our hair. People serve us our food. They smile at us at the bank. We see them every day, but do we ever take the time to notice them?  I am saying there is a difference between seeing someone and noticing them.
      It is so easy to look at people and want them to hurry up with what they are doing for us so we can move on with our day. We want the waiter to hurry up and give us our food first so we can eat and do what is next on our “to do” list. We hardly take the time to notice these people as people. They too have struggles and hardships. They have good days and bad days. Their marriages may be falling apart and they are just putting on a smile. Their kids may be struggling in school and they feel like they can’t do anything about it. They may or may not be going to hell.
      We don’t like thinking this way and I confess, I often have the same mindset. I don’t notice people the way Christ wanted. Christ told us the harvest is plenty but the workers are few. Christ’s eyes were on people. He did everything he did for others. He never cared what the “righteous” people thought; instead he always took every opportunity to minister to people. We often see Jesus using meals as an opportunity to talk about spiritual things. We see him talking about everyday problems with people and using everyday situations to connect with them. He was with people so much that he was at times physically exhausted.
       So how about you?  Can you make the decision to notice people and use every opportunity to minister to people in your everyday life? Are you going to take the time to help grow the people around you, or are you going to just go through life looking at yourself. It is your choice and no one can make you choose one way or another. Take a few minutes and pray that God would give you a mindset like Christ. Seeing people for who they are. Have a blessed day!

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