new horizons baptist church
    This Blog is going to be a bit different than normal. As many of you are aware, this last weekend we had the Stand Strength Team come out and put on an amazing event for us. Whenever people come to see an event like this it seems, from the outside, that it is run so smoothly and without flaw. The fact though is that this event required a lot of work from a lot of people. This blog is a thank you to all the workers that gave up their time, energy, and money for this event.
    We have had many people working on this since last November. People have set times up and coordinated meetings. The process to get this set up was BIG to say the least. Months before this event we had team leaders take charge and start to put together teams that helped make the event run more smoothly. Some of the behind the scenes included a small army of people helping to pass out 2,000 flyers the week before the event. We also had a large army help set up the stage and church for the event. We had dozens of donations come in to help us raise the money we needed to make this past weekend possible.
      I would like to extend a thank you for all the hard work and dedication that this church did. It is an amazing thing when God’s people come together to do his work!  We saw about 40 people come forward to either say that they put their trust in Christ or rededicated their life to God.
      So, Thank You New Horizons Baptist Church. - Pastor Jeremy 

NEW HORIZONS BAPTIST CHURCH: 17939 Paver Barnes Road Marysville, OH 43040 937-644-1776