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Why Do I Need To Hear This?
There are many different styles and personalities when it comes to presenting God's Word from the pulpit.  There are subjects that are popular to preach and some that seek to be avoided as much as possible.  Try preaching a passage that was studied at our church this past weekend in some churches, and find out who will come back the following Sunday.  There are churches that are filled with people who are led by teachers and preachers "having itching ears" (2 Timothy 4:3). 

I am appealing to my readers to contemplate the necessity for expository preaching.  While I have been influenced by many godly men over the years, I have patterned my preaching and ministry after theirs.  However, using their approaches in coming up with slick campaigns, relevant sermon series, cool backdrops and vivid presentations, they have not been nearly as impactful and productive for me personally than verse-by-verse expository preaching.  I have attempted to deliver sermons the same way that my mentors have preached them, but again, in these later years of my pastoral ministry, nothing is as fulfilling and rewarding than studying God's Word one verse at a time. 

I am not criticizing the preacher who selects random passages for his latest sermon series, but I would caution the danger that comes in preaching passages that are popular and overlooking passages that are difficult.  Our job as preachers is to proclaim the whole counsel of God.  I am convinced that God's people will grow best through expository preaching.   While we may sometimes take a break from the current series because of a holiday or special event, God's Word is always relevant.

Recently, someone who had been absent from our fellowship for some time listened to a message that applied directly to them.  They understood that they were not singled out, for there was no way for me to know they would even be in attendance that day.  The Holy Spirit brought them here and a life-changing decision was made.  I can share examples of others who made a decision about something that wasn't even relative to the sermon.  It is amazing how God works when His Word is being preached without apology.

While some messages are hard to hear, some messages don't seem to apply to your current situation, some messages hit you right between the eyes, stay tuned.  God's Word is always relevant.  Next time, I will share the benefits of expository preaching. 

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