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The Benefits Of Expository Preaching
"The Bible was brought to the pulpit but it was never opened," was a statement someone made about a church they had visited.  Perhaps we have all visited a church where the Bible was read, but the Scripture had little impact on the message of the day.  Almost as if reading was a mere formality.  An excuse that the popular preacher could use to justify the course of his sermon.  I would caution every Christian to make sure they are attending a church where the Bible is handled correctly and preached without apology.

What does that mean?  The peril of today's theology is to take something old (the Bible) and make it fresh and relevant for today's audience.  Proper study of God's Word insists that we understand what it meant back then so we can know how to apply it today.  The key to proper application of God's Word is to have a correct interpretation of God's Word.  The key to having a correct interpretation of God's Word is to properly study God's Word. 

As I am presently preaching through the Gospel of Matthew, we are right now studying the Sermon on the Mount.  To properly interpret the passage, the context must be understood.  To whom was Jesus speaking?  What was the spiritual climate of the day?  What impact did the scribes and Pharisees have on those who were listening?  Why did Jesus use hyperbole in his illustrations about the law?  When we understand the background and context, the words of the Lord take on new meaning, a proper interpretation.

Verse by verse expository preaching can seem boring and unfruitful, but you will find yourself looking back only to discover how much the Holy Spirit has taught you.  A personal benefit to expository preaching is that I do not have the liberty to skip over difficult passages or select topics where only popular passages are studied and preached over and over again.  Furthermore, it makes my sermon calendar much easier to plan as the curriculum is already laid out before me.  As a preacher, my job is to simply communicate God's Word in such a way that God's people can understand. 

If you attend a church where the pastor is more focused on pleasing God and expounding on His Word than he is in becoming popular, I would encourage you to let him know how much you appreciate his labor in the Word. 

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