new horizons baptist church
We're Just Getting Warmed Up

This past Sunday we had our core meeting and even though we have some building projects that require our attention, God has been good to us and what a joy it is to experience God's blessing.  I can honestly say that I am more excited about the future of our church than even before!  I mentioned in this week's sermon that when you are laying up treasures in heaven, you will experience God's blessings...the kind of blessings that money cannot buy. 

I am very excited about a campaign that we are launching in a couple of weeks.  Pastor Jeremy and I have been working on this for month's and we are sure that God will use this in a mighty way.  It is a tool that will help us to focus on being more intentional about our spiritual growth and becoming what God would have us to be.  Besides the challenging messages that we will preach, besides the resources that we will be providing, besides the opportunities to apply these principles, we are looking forward with great anticipation to what this campaign will do for the good folks at New Horizons. 

If you are a part of our church, I want to encourage you not to miss a single week during the month of September.  If you are not a part of our church, we would love to invite you to join us as we launch a brand new series that will transform not only the way that we live our lives, but the way that we conduct our ministry.  We hope that you will be as excited about what God is doing and determine to be a part of it all.  Don't miss it!

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